Regardless of renovating your bathroom to enjoy a luxurious and modern bathroom for yourself and household members or for reselling purposes, it is important to decide how you will redo it. One of the best ways to provide your bathroom an entirely new feel is to tile your bathroom. However, other people neglect the idea of tiling up their bathroom walls because they are worried that it will be difficult to clean or won’t look appropriate. However, you can get many more advantages if you tile your bathroom floor compared to the disadvantages.  

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider tiling your bathroom according to bathroom remodel Boulder contractors:  

It’s easy to clean  

A tiled flooring can be very easy to keep clean and maintain. If you have pets or children, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep your walls from being stained or damaged.   

As time passes, your children can be curious with markers, or accidents may occur, and you will eventually have to repaint. However, you don’t have to do that with tiled floors.   

Once you opt for sealed glass tiles, even items like makeup or markers will have difficulty adhering because the material’s not that porous.   

Even the tile grout is quite simple to maintain. Sealing your grout regularly can be helpful. However, when it gets discolored eventually, you can have it repainted with a grout paint pen, which is a quick and easy job to do.   

Tile is durable   

Unlike drywall, tile does not split, dent, or mold. It can endure severe cold and heat climates and is unaffected by moisture or moisture.   

Because of that, nearly all bathroom floors are now tiled. However, why won’t you try taking it up to your bathroom wall? If you don’t like to tile towards your ceiling, then you can choose to make a tiled wainscotting effect by utilizing glass subway tile to go up to the sink’s backsplash.   

Timeless and stylish look  

As you renovate a bathroom, you need to ensure that you can make something classic and timeless, which will stay in style for several years to come so that your bathroom remodeling project won’t be out of date in just a couple of years.   

Tiled bathrooms are usually associated with prestige and luxury feels. Because of that, tiled bathrooms will never go out of style. In the most expensive hotels and resorts, you’ll see fully tiled bathrooms always.   

Tiled floors do not retain odors.  

Have you tried walking into a clean bathroom but still have an overall smelly and musty scent? Drywall can absorb the odors and moisture contained with it, causing a bathroom to have a funky and unpleasant odor.   

Glass and porcelain tiles do not retain such odors. They are insufficiently porous to absorb smell in the first place, making these tiles ideal for kitchens or bathrooms because these are the rooms within our homes that are exposed to most smells and most moisture.